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02 Jan 2018

Exercise isn’t just about feeling good physically.

Cheshire based Personal Trainer Helen Murray takes a closer look at the
positive effects it can have on your mental health

As a keen runner and coach, it goes without saying that I like to keep active. In fact, I’m not very good at sitting still at all. But sometimes, just like most other people, I really can’t be bothered to go to my Pilates class or to put my trainers on for a run, or to get up early to go to the gym.

13 Apr 2015

Is Your Wholesale Business Built to Grow?

All business owners want to factor growth into their plans.

If you're a wholesaler, you'll face some unique challenges but should be able to build in parameters that will allow you to grow when you're ready.

Not only will this ensure short term success, but should also get you the price you need when you're ready to sell.

31 Mar 2015

Why You Need to Figure Out Your Retirement Lifestyle Now

What are your retirement plans? Many business owners find that a daunting question.

Maybe you're at the beginning of your business journey and haven't considered it, or you've been in business so long that you can't imagine retiring.

Either way, we think business owners should always be looking ahead to their post-work life with enthusiasm.

26 Mar 2015

Selling Your Business? Read This First

Selling your business is one of the most important transactions you're likely to make and yet it's often a process that is overlooked until the very point you are ready to sell.

Although it might sound premature, the truth is you should build value and sellability into the heart of your business as you're starting out, long before you reach that point.

11 Mar 2015

Business Owner? Here's What You Need to Know About Exit Planning

Whether you're at the early stages of your business journey, or a few years down the line, exit planning should be a key concern.

Defining how you'll eventually exit from the business gives you clear direction and focus for your business - and your life.

05 Mar 2015

3 Ways Financial Planning Can Help Your Business

Growing, expanding or even selling a business involves specific planning, but they all depend on one thing - healthy business finances. For this, you'll need a separate plan.

Financial planning for your business not only supports its success and growth, but can also help you achieve your personal lifestyle goals.

Find out the three key reasons why you should consider it.

03 Mar 2015

Exit Planning for Your Wholesale Business

While your day-to-day focus is on growing and building your business – taking care of your customers, fulfilling their needs and creating demand for your products, exit planning may seem like a distant requirement.

We'd argue that exit planning is actually a vital part of your business plan, helping you work towards a successful sale or legacy. Taking that approach, your business will only truly be sellable if you are building value, ongoing. As a wholesaler, you'll have unique challenges, but also some great opportunities.

23 Feb 2015

7 Ways Business Owners Can Boost Value Creation

A valuable business is a sellable business, but value creation shouldn't be left until you're ready to sell - it should be built into your business plan.

Work now on building value into the heart of your business and when it's time to sell, you'll get the price you need.

We've got seven ways that can help.

17 Feb 2015

The Key to Protecting Your Legacy? Business Continuity Planning

Your business is your livelihood, but what would happen if you suddenly couldn't be there, either temporarily or even permanently? 

Illness or an accident can happen without warning, affecting not just you but your loved ones, your employees, and the others who count on you.

06 Feb 2015

Is Your Business Prepared for the Worst?

No one wants to think about the worst, but the unfortunate and unexpected occurs all the time, and in the world of business, it is always better to be safe than sorry.  

You can't plan for every calamity out there (and how could you?) but you can give your business and your loved ones some protection with a business continuity plan.

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