Here is what some of our clients say about us:

“We contacted Smart Financial because we were looking to set up a company pension. They facilitated an understanding of my life goals and structured a plan to move towards them financially.”
James Cox

“Originally I contacted a financial planner for pensions advice then retirement planning with difficulties due to ill health. Smart Financial were extremely diligent in listening to the problems and reviewing matters carefully, helping my wife and I not to make wrong decisions in difficult circumstances and doing what was decided effectively. I expect their help, advice and support will continue to deliver the best for us. I have chosen to stay with Smart Financial despite the distance to travel. It is my choice that I do so so Smart Financial can’t resolve the distance issue. Their help, support and advice has meant that despite the distance I prefer to stay with her and I hope she feels it worthwhile looking after us. In any event we discuss matters either by phone, email or FaceTime but I travel the 2.5 hrs for the review meeting as it is important to me to be face to face for a full discussion.”
Mark Hodgson

“I retired and wanted some good long term advice.Smart Financial have helped me in many ways! They have advised me on a wide range of issues. I have unquestionably seen the outcome that I had hoped for.”
Kevin Wharton

“I approached a financial planner as I was downsizing and having cash left over. Smart Financial offer general sound advice which is suitable to my senior age group, requirements and possible future wishes. Also they help by allaying fears at time of general financial uncertainty. I rely on Smart Financial’s professional capabilities entirely.”
May McCallum

“As a small business owner we had reached a stage where we had capital within the business that was not being invested and the rates we were getting from our bank savings account did not make financial sense. In addition, we wanted to offer our employees the option of a Pension as a part of their ‘Flexible ‘Benefits’. We approached Smart Financial to provide us with advice. Throughout this time Smart Financial have been thoroughly professional, providing unique advice to the individuals concerned and tailoring schemes to their needs.”
Jeff Roberts

“Smart Financial have helped us by meeting with us and discussing our requirements, providing a full Report and recommendations for the financial management of our retirement, taking our further instructions and implementing the plan. The ongoing implementation of the agreed plan in the terms which we were hoping for.”
Iain Lawson

“I already had pensions and investments in place but needed somebody to manage and advise on them. To date Smart Financial have assisted with a pension and savings review and also advised on insurance policies – everything that has needed attention has been efficiently and satisfactorily dealt with.  I am very satisfied with the service I have received from them, I feel very confident in their ability and knowledge and the staff members are extremely personable and approachable.  Although I have been with the firm for many years, this is a relatively new relationship but I am very happy with everything so far and looking forward to working more with Smart Financial”
Barbara Harrison

“Within a couple of months of working with Smart Financial, they earned our (me and my wife) full trust and confidence. They also sorted out my pension difficulties I was having with previous employers. As mentioned above Smart Financial sorted out not only the original investments I had done but in my dealings with previous employers where her knowledge of what I was able to do and not able to do was invaluable. I think I would still be in the mire without their help. My savings and holdings are now reviewed on a regular basis and we are very happy with advice and returns we have been getting. I also appreciate it has been a good time in the last few years for investments. I would not hesitate in recommending Smart Financial. I have been very pleased with their efforts. I cannot think of anything which could have been done better.”
John Hall

“I have used the services of Smart Financial Planning since the company started. The owner was my old companies’ pension adviser. Smart Financial conduct regular reviews of my financial planning needs. In the last 6 months they have offered specific advice on the construction of my private pension to enable me to continue contributing to the level I wish. They at the same time gave specific advice on investment for lump sums requiring maximum financial security. In this task Smart Financial fully understood my requirements and asked pertinent questions of my situation. I am happy with the changes to my pension structure and the other investment advice given. I feel I am set up to achieve the objectives my family has set for the next few years.”
George Hughes

“Advice was needed on personal financial planning; in particular long term investments in view of impending retirement. Smart Financial completed a full analysis on risk appetite of myself and my wife led to recommendations for a structured portfolio balancing lower and higher risk and short and long term investments. Initial indications are positive about the outcomes. I can think of nothing that could have been done better.”
Steve Wurr

“We looked for a financial planner as we wanted to invest inheritance and tidying up pensions. My pensions are in one place and easy to track. Investments are in line with my attitude to risk. Smart Financial are helpful, clear and they respond quickly to requests.”
Lisa Webster

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